Friday, June 12, 2009

post #5

Well, most things in my house say made in china or Taiwan LOL often I eat thing from my country like clothes, candy and things like that. I think everybody in this country is part of the global economy; many things came from other country and most immigrants often buy products from their own culture. It is really hard right now, not to be part of the globalizations, it believe is not possible.

post #4

I really likes this poem, and his voice was nice too haha. But it is sad that everything you heard about work is so depressing. Most people feel frustrated and are nothing to do about that. Necessity is the reason that people deal with those feeling every day. This experience related by Levine is so similar to everything we studied at class, people feeling depressed going to work, people doing humiliating things to get one, and lots of people don’t getting any. I have some bad experience at job but there not so bad as the one I read in class. Thanks to God I don’t must to work to survive right now, so if some job didn’t like me I just leave. But this situation scares my so much. I can’t believe that must people have to live and spend many hours of their lives doing something they hate.

post #3

My parents worked at their own business most of my life, my father was the manager and the accountant and my mom was in charge in selling the products and dealing with the customer. I believe that difference at work is because of skills. People work at what they are good at it, and a few lucky ones, worked at what they like. So for me, I don’t care about what kind of job women must do, and only man can do it. People should do what they like. For me in particular, I don’t like job were I need physical strength, I don’t consider myself a strong person.

Post #2 status

I am from Colombia, and in that country "status" is very important. I was middle upper class and at my school, we know which kids belong to rich families because of their last name. usually this families donate money or other things to school, that way their children were very famous among students. basically status is giving by the money you have and depends if you are a new rich or your family last new are well known. you can differentiate people easily because they way they dress, the clothes they used, the way they speak and the places they used to go. it is not easy to go to some place you must have a car, or things are really expensive. I dont really think about status but I cant denied that I love to go to nice places, have good clothes and all that stuffs. the place of my city where you find good restaurants, bars and malls, cant go everybody and I love to go there. xD

Monday, March 30, 2009

my image of work

My parents had always worked as a employees in different areas. They taught me that your had to be a great employee, so you had good relationship at work with your boss. They never really liked their jobs, they must work to survive and they weren't motivated at all by their situation. My parent don't have a choice, none of them finished school. But, they tell me every day that I have to graduate and have a professional carrier. If a have more skill, I will have more opportunities. They are concerned for my future and motivate me to improve, so my work experience will never be like theirs.